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Heineken Experience Amsterdam Heineken Brewery

In 1988, the first-ever Heineken Brewery finally closed its doors, nothing wrong with business, it simply wasn't large enough to meet demand. The original "Amsterdam Brouwerijen" was far too important to dispose of and has since been put to good use, re-opening as the highly enjoyable Heineken Experience. Once inside, you'll be taken on a hi-tech multimedia tour that chronicles the lager's journey from its humble origins to its current status as a worldwide best seller.

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The Heineken story began on this very spot in Amsterdam, when, in 1864, a young entrepreneur named Gerard Adriaan Heineken risked his family's fortune to invest in a failing brewery. He needn't have worried though, as the beer's unique taste made sure the gamble soon paid off. A second plant was quickly established in Rotterdam and soon everyone had a hankering for a Heineken. In 1887 the company implemented the use of the newly discovered bottom-fermenting "A-yeast" (an ingredient used to this day) and the taste was perfected.

Large-scale domestic production continued into the 20th century, before the company decided to go global. Just three days after Prohibition ended in post-World War I USA, the first shipload of Heineken landed on American soil. The beverage was as successful abroad as it was at home, and its continued consumption helped the company become the fourth largest brewery in the world. Heineken is currently responsible for the manufacture of over 120 brands; including Amstel, Bira Moretti and Murphy's.
A great afternoon out with some friends can be had here at the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam.

The museum itself is quite a journey as well. You begin in a recreated 19th-century Dutch street, similar to the one Gerard stood on all those years ago, when he peered through the window of a dilapidated factory and dreamt of what could be.The next section quenches all such aspirations in spectacular fashion, as you're transported into an imitation brewery fitted with gurgling lautertuns and wallpapered with essential production know how. Two of the interactive rides that have won the museum the majority of its plaudits are also located here. The first is an interactive jaunt, via video screen, through the streets of Amsterdam aboard a traditional dray cart pulled by giant shire horses. Your mission? To deliver those precious barrels of beer to the local gin mill, post-haste! The next ride takes you on an even wilder journey. Standing on a moving platform with your fellow tourees, you're treated to a first-person beer bottle simulation, as you're brewed, branded and whisked along the conveyor belt of an ultra-modern Heineken plant!

Even as a large corporation, Heineken don't forget their responsibilities. Therefore, the tour also takes in a multiscreen presentation, which showcases a fascinating but sobering film promoting environmental awareness, focusing particularly the state of global freshwater resources. Naturally, no such tour would be complete without a free sample or two, and the H.E. is no exception. It even provides two bars to enjoy them in - handing you the perfect opportunity to get your past conveyor belt buddies a little better!

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