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Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

The Dutch branch of the famous waxwork museum features over one hundred celebrities from both The Netherlands and the rest of the world. As well as the famous faces, there is a variety of interactive showpieces to be explored, including a walk through Jan Vermeer's art studio and a trawl through the murky dungeons that made the original Madame Tussauds so popular. This is and has been for many years one of the top attractions in Amsterdam.

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Whatever part of the world you've travelled from, you're guaranteed to recognise the majority of the people immortalised here. The museum aims to showcase the ultra famous, from world leaders such as Winston Churchill, George W. Bush and Nelson Mandela, to actors and actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. There is also a preponderance of pop stars, including Madonna, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, James Brown and David Bowie. As for the domestic quota, Dutch painters feature heavily. There's Van Gogh with his sunflowers; Rembrandt; Piet Mondrian; and Vermeer, who sits in the foreground of a life-size 3D rendering of one of his works. Other famous Netherlanders on show include Queen Beatrix, William I of Orange, Pim Fortuyn and the footballing de Boer brothers, to name but a few. However, what really makes Madame Tussauds "come to life", as it were, are the atmospheric environments that link these disparate personalities and timelines together. One attempts to show you both sides of the Golden Age, first via a romantic canal side walk, then down a dimly lit cobbled street, where you'll meet an assortment of unsavoury street folk before ducking into the local tavern where rambunctious peasants greet you with bawdy cries.

The basement is home to the SCREAM! horror exhibit, a direct reference to Marie Tussaud's original 1830's Chamber of Horrors on Baker Street, London. Beware, however, as not all of the grisly characters you'll encounter down here are models! If you aren't planning on being scared stiff as a waxwork yourself, you can always skip SCREAM! and try your hand at becoming a pop star, or, even more fun, a judge, on stage at the interactive Idols experience. Then, you can take to the dance floor in Music Zone, or watch the soundtracked history of music on the mounted video screens. Find out what it's like to live the life of a diva in the J-Lo exhibit, where you'll dress in beautiful evening gowns and get some up-to-date fashion advice in the singer's Shopping in Style experience. Alternatively, you can "meet" some well-known celebrities of the small screen at TV Studio Backstage, and walk down the red carpet with movie legends in the Hall of Fame. There's still loads more to see, including the Sports Gallery, and Claas Janszoon - the world's largest animatronic wax figure, who stands 5 metres tall. For the technically curious, a video presentation projected onto a large wall illustrates how the models are created at Tussaud's Studio in London.

Arguably one of the most spectacular sights is saved for last: the view across Dam Square and the Royal Palace from the building's huge Round Window.

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